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About Amatchi

Today we spend more time twiddling our thumbs in front of the TV without knowing what else to do,  we consider that it is essential to find new hobbies, passions or occupations to brighten our days.

That’s why we created Amatchi, a simple and intuitive platform, where Arthur (10 years old) or Georges (78 years old) will know how to occupy their time efficiently in a playful and enriching way.

Through our platform, enthusiasts of all kinds are connected to thousands of people in search of authenticity and knowledge.

How Amatchi works

The platform allows passionates to share what they love and allows participants to make new discoveries. The workshops are offered online, so that they are accessible everywhere, for everyone and at any time.

Will you be the passionate or a participants?

  • Only a few steps left to create your workshop:

    – Imagine it
    – Fill out the form
  • Amatchi checks and validates everything

  • Last step: just wait for the participants on D-day

  • Target your workshops with our filters or let yourself be tempted by new discoveries

  • Fill your shopping cart and your agenda

  • Explore and recommend your workshop for future participants