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Now it's up to you to get started!

Got a talent or knowledge you want to share? That’s the spirit we love!
At Amatchi, we want to bring together enthusiasts and amateurs of all levels and backgrounds. Encouraging sharing is our greatest wish.

Why teach online with Amatchi?

Une plateforme de cours en ligne pour vous faire aimer l'apprentissage!

You are free to be the teacher you want to be

Teaching online allows you to be yourself, to provide content that you are truly passionate about.
You are completely free to share your knowledge how you want. Be playful, creative, inventive! You do what you love.

From a distance, you have no limits

Our online tutoring platform gives you the choice between creative workshops, classes or lectures.
You set your time, a limit on the number of participants, and help them progress according to your criteria.

You get your remuneration

Find your financial freedom. You set your price and receive your remuneration in full transparency on your account.
No hidden fees, no bad surprises: everything is done simply when you fill out our form!

How to create an online course?

Ready to share your knowledge and passion?

Amatchi is the online tutoring platform for you!
We are here to help teachers and creators share their knowledge with those who are eager to learn and grow.